Maureen Madison

Practice Manager

A warm welcome to Redmond Youth Counseling!

As Practice Manager of the Salveo Center, parent company to Redmond Youth Counseling, I have the privilege of supporting our awesome staff of Intake Coordinators and Therapists.

One of the most important aspects of my work at Redmond Youth Counseling is to facilitate and nurture a healthy and productive culture. Redmond Youth Counseling is known for the strong values of compassion and excellence in behavioral health care.


Our leadership team cares deeply for the competency and wellbeing of our therapists and support staff. We understand that by creating an awesome work environment for our employees, we are ultimately providing members of our community with the highest quality of care possible.

Each of our skilled providers have been selected because of their shared values of kindness, compassion, and competency. Our highly trained support staff is waiting to assist you in finding the best provider for your concerning issues.


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