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Payments & Insurance

Would you like to use your insurance benefits?

Our licensed providers are preferred & in-network with some or all of the following insurance company plans. Coverage varies depending upon the therapist you wish to work with.










I don't see my insurance company listed. Why doesn't Redmond Youth Counseling accept my plan?

Every insurance plan is different and the terms are set by insurance companies, not therapists. Some insurance companies limit the session length to 45 minutes which most counselors feel is un-therapeutic. Some companies exclude therapy for issues such as gender questioning. Our goal is to support our clients where they are in life and concerning the issues for which they are actually seeking help.

Most insurance plans will offer out of network benefits for their members to see providers who are not contracted with that particular company. We are happy to check out of network benefits for an insurance plan not listed above.

We encourage clients to call the phone number on the back of their insurance card to better understand their plan details.


Questions you might ask the insurance representative:

  • What are my behavioral health benefits?

  • Are they subject to a deductible?

  • How much of my deductible has been met?

  • Will I owe a coinsurance?

  • Will I owe a copay at each visit?

  • What is my max out of pocket (MOP)?

  • How much of my MOP has been met?

  • Is there a limit to the number of sessions?

  • Do I need an authorization number prior to seeing a provider?

  • Is the provider I want to see in-network?


Common Insurance Terms:

Plan Coverage: An insurance plan includes not only the terms which the member (you) and the insurance company agree to but also services and reimbursement rates for which a provider (your therapist) is covered. Insurance companies dictate the length of and how often members can attend counseling sessions. 


Every insurance company reimburses providers at different rates. When an insurance plan states that the provider will be reimbursed at 100% this means that the insurance company will pay the provider 100% of the rate the insurance company tells the provider they will accept. Providers do not set rates with the insurance companies. Insurance companies set the rates for providers. 

PPO:   Preferred Provider Organization plan. A PPO insurance plan gives members the most freedom in choosing their own providers.  If you have a PPO plan with your insurance company, you don't usually need an authorization prior to booking with a PPO in-network provider.

HMO:   Health Maintenance Organization plan. With an HMO plan, you must obtain an authorization number and amount of approved sessions prior to contacting Redmond Youth Counseling.  With an HMO plan, your care is coordinated by your insurance company and you must obtain prior approval before seeing providers.  


Deductible:  The deductible of your insurance plan is the amount you pay out of pocket prior to any insurance coverage kicking in. For example if you have a $3000 deductible, you will pay all appointment fees for any provider you see (in-network providers) until you have paid at least $3000.  Not all plans include a deductible feature and not all services are subject to the deductible.

Coinsurance:  The coinsurance of your insurance plan is the portion of the payment due to the provider that you will pay. For example, if your coinsurance is 20% and the rate Redmond Youth Counseling has agreed your insurance would pay is $150, you would owe $30 per visit. This amount is usually paid after the insurance company responds to the visit claim. Not all plans have a coinsurance aspect.

Copay:  The copay of your insurance plan is the per visit amount you pay up front. Not all insurance plans include a copayment.

Max-out-of-pocket (MOP):  The MOP is the total amount your insurance company requires you pay, after which they will cover 100%.  For example if your MOP is $2000 and you have a copay of $20 per visit, once you have paid a total of $2000 per calendar year, you no longer owe the $20 copay per visit. Plan details vary.

In-Network vs. Out of Network:  The terms "in-network" and "out of network" refer to the participation status of a provider with a particular insurance plan.  

Authorization:  If you are being requested to obtain an authorization by Redmond Youth Counseling, you will need to call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and request an authorization for behavioral health sessions with a particular provider at Redmond Youth Counseling.

​At this time we do not accept the following insurance plans;

Medicaid             Medicare              Any state-supplemented insurance plans

Molina                 Apple Health      

Would you like to pay directly (not using insurance)?

Contact our office for more information about private pay rates. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Checks.

Would you like to use your HSA card?

We are able to process payments using your HSA card. Please note, we do not provide credit for balances due until your HSA card is funded again.  If you do not have funds in your HSA account, another payment method will need to be arranged.


Insurance Information Disclaimer

* Clients are ultimately responsible for understanding their own insurance coverage. Redmond Youth Counseling can only provide clients with the benefit information we are given by their insurance company representatives. If this information is incorrect, Redmond Youth Counseling is not liable.  Clients are responsible for all amounts due which are not covered by their insurance.

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